Miss 7: Girls in HPC Code

This week we bring you a very special post from the next generation of Women in HPC.

By Chloe Berryman, chloeberryman.net

I like high performance computing because you get to learn different computer languages and ‘talk’ to the HUGE computers. I think girls should do high performance computing too.

What I have done in high performance computing is getting the HUGE computers to solve math problems. Here is some software I wrote (with help from my dad) that prints the result of 16+25. I have also been to one in Canberra and seen the robots and humans work inside it. Here are pictures of me and my sister visiting it.

What I want to do when I grow up is 3D print pieces of art and and and make websites for other people. I also want to be in my dad Matthew’s company to work with electronics (well, I already am). I hope to make the world a better, greener place to be in.

This is me making a supercomputer in the cloud. How exciting it is to make a whole supercomputer!

This post was first published on ChloeBerryman.net

  • My name is Chloe Berryman. I am 7 years old. I have a sister named Anna-Rose (we call her Rosie), dad Matthew and mum Yulan. I like gymnastics, tennis and coding. My favourite movie is Sing, my favourite animal is the river dolphin, my favourite book series is EJ12, and my favourite activity is origami. I use Atom and Idle for coding and I am doing courses on codeacademy.

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