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Computational Scientist – NZ20240527

Do you want to help researchers and engineers around the world to solve the most exciting and challenging computational problems? HPCNow! is looking for a passionate and proactive Computational Scientist to join our international High-Performance Computing team. We work in sectors like drug design and discovery, genomics, bioinformatics, aerospace, aeronautics, astrophysics, quantum chemistry, energy, automotive, visual effects, and many more.


Computational Scientist – NZ20240527

About HPCNow!

HPCNow! is a global services company focused on High-Performance Computing, High-Performance Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence consulting. We help scientists and engineers worldwide, from the design of the hardware solution to the very end of its life cycle, by setting up complex pipelines and accelerating their workflows and applications. We also extend our services by delivering professional training and providing ongoing remote administration and scientific support.

At HPCNow! we not only focus on business but also try to achieve a healthy work/life balance, facilitating pleasant working conditions as much as possible. This includes remote work, a flexible work schedule, and a diverse and inclusive work environment. Our commitment is to provide our people with all they need for personal and professional growth, involving them in a discovery, innovation, and achievement environment.

Core Values

Science Enablers –  We play a crucial role in migrating workloads from regular desktop computers to HPC clusters and supercomputers. We work to bridge the gap between these two distant worlds by capacitating the end users and upskilling them to bring their computational research to a world-class level.

Excellence – We strive for excellence in everything we do for our team members and clients. We feel proud of our contributions and celebrate our client’s success as our own.

Empowering science with technology – We are a trusted partner that accelerates research and discovery thanks to our commitment to continuous innovation and new technology adoption.

Diversity and Inclusion – Our very talented team includes different kinds of mindsets, cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, making HPCNow! an inclusive company. HPCNow! embraces neurodiversity and is committed to an inclusive and respectful workplace where everyone is valued for their unique contribution. Our current team is from eight different countries and can speak ten other languages, but most importantly, we all speak science and tech no matter our background.

Gender equality – While we haven’t reached full gender equality yet, we see a new opportunity to get closer to that milestone in each hiring process. We are proud members of Women in HPC (WHPC), and we participate in activities to empower women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).


Bachelor’s degree in science, engineering, or equivalent.

Job Description

HPCNow! is looking for a passionate and proactive computational scientist to join our team. Job functions include teaming with HPC support and R&D staff to find solutions to challenging problems. Tasks may include interactive issue troubleshooting, installing and tuning HPC applications, helping other researchers and engineers to develop complex workflows, improving the efficiency, performance, and scalability of their jobs, contributing to open-source projects, and documenting resolutions in a knowledge base. You also may participate in developing technical documentation, delivering training courses, offering user support, and developing automation pipelines.

Job Requirements

Eligible to live and/or work in New Zealand

Full professional proficiency in English.

Skills and Experience


Minimum two years of working experience as a user in Linux and HPC environments.
Strong teaching skills and innate abilities in diplomacy and tact.
Fast learning and a strong interest in learning new technologies.
Experience developing technical training and documentation.
Confidence with batch processing.
Hands-on experience with Shell scripting, Python, or other scripting languages.


Minimum two years experience in Linux administration.
Experience with Singularity containers.
Knowledge of Easybuild and/or EESSI.
Knowledge of version control and pipelines.
Experience in ElasticSearch, Grafana, or related monitoring software.
Experience with Infrastructure as Code.

If you don’t have experience in one or any of the desired skills, we will provide you with the training and the resources required to achieve that knowledge.

Job Conditions

We offer a permanent full-time position in a good working environment and a highly stimulating and challenging environment.
Full-time remote office based in New Zealand
Flexible working hours.
We offer a competitive salary commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the candidate and according to the cost of living in the country.
We offer outstanding resources for learning and building experience with new technologies,  including internal development and testing cluster, access to an e-learning platform, internal training, and mentoring.


If you are interested, please update your CV, create an optional cover letter, and upload those files after completing this form.