SC 2016 Workshop Testimonials

The WHPC workshop at Supercomputing 2016 was a chance to build on a successful program of inspiring presentations, interactive sessions, and career building poster talks. Below are a selected set of quotes received through anonymous feedback surveys. They represent the diversity and valued gained by WHPC workshop and session attendees.

“Nice job, this is a critically important topic, that requires our continuous attention to succeed”

“Last year was a good workshop. This year was 2x better!”

  • “Best one yet!”
  • “Really great group!”
  • “Engaging”
  • “I loved the lightning talks”
  • “Very motivated, engaged organizers, presenters!”
  • “Pointers on diversity”
  • “Answered many ‘how to’ questions about growth”
  • “Eye-opening data & information”
  • “Very diverse careers – not just geared towards academia”
  • “Welcoming environment”

“WHPC gives young women a chance to present their research, engage in important discussions on real issuesv It provides strategies everyone can use to improve diversity, gives women a platform to connect with each other, and enables mentoring and advocacy”