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Oak Ridge National Laboratory Postings:

Multiple Positions available at Oak Ridge National Laboratory:

Research Scientist in Quantum Communications

Group Leader, Systems and Decision Sciences

Group Leader, Programming Systems

Group Leader, Beyond Moore

Senior Research Scientist in HPC and AI

Applied Mathematician, R&D Staff Member

Performance Engineer, R&D Staff Member

Data Scientist, Biomedical Imaging

Senior Research Scientist, Statistician

Senior Research Scientist, Decision Sciences

Senior Research Scientist, Combinatorics/Probability

Senior Research Scientist, Intelligent Systems

Group Leader, Mathematical Software Technologies

Senior Research Scientist, Data and Machine Learning

Research Scientist – Quantum Information Science, Experimental Ion Trap

Computer Scientist, HPC and Al

Performance Engineer, R&D Associate Staff Member

Computational Scientist – Plasma Physics and Fusion

Computational Scientist – Fundamental Turbulence

Computational Scientist – Fundamental Turbulence

Senior Researcher in Digital – Twin Applications

Senior Researcher in Real-Time Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

HPC Cyber Security Engineer, Systems

Senior Computational Scientist – Quantitative Predictive Modeling

Research Scientist, Combinatorics/Probability

Research Scientist, Statistician

Research Scientist, Decision Sciences

Research Scientist, Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Senior Research Scientist, Application Engineering

Research Scientist, Mathematical Software

Senior Research Scientist, Statistical Software

Senior Research Scientist in Quantum Algorithms

Research Scientist, Al and Machine Learning

HPC Linux Systems Engineer, Scalable Systems

Modeling and Simulation Engineer

Advanced Communications Systems Engineer

Senior Computational Scientist – Engineering and Fusion

Research Scientist, Intelligent Systems

Senior Research Scientist, Architectures

Research Scientist, Architectures

Research Scientist in Al for Health

Computational Scientist, Earth System Predictability

Scientist, Machine Learning for Chemical Reactions

Compressible Flow Modeling Engineer

Flow Network Analysis Engineer

Senior Computational Scientist – Particle Methods

Senior HPC Storage Systems Engineer

Senior Computational Scientist, Plasma Physics and Fusion

Senior Computational Scientist, Cosmology and Astrophysics

Technical Professional AI/ML Engineer

Research Scientist in Neuromorphic Computing

Senior Performance Engineer

OLCF Project Director

HPC Quantum System Scientist

Computational Scientist – Earth System Science

Division Director – Computer Science and Mathematics

Research Scientist in Quantum Computer Science

Senior HPC Linux Clusters Engineer

DevOps Engineer

HPC Linux Engineer

Staff Mathematician – Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Early Career Software Systems Engineer

Scientist, Computational Chemistry for Excited States

R&D Associate in Quantum Machine Learning

Computational Scientist – Large-Scale Coupled Physics

Technical Professional – Simulation on Advanced HPC Architectures

Senior Research Scientist, Materials Science

Research Scientist, Multi Scale Mathematics

HPC Linux Systems Engineer, Entry Level

HPC Storage Engineer, Entry Level

HPC Engineer

Full Stack Software Engineer

Research Software Engineer

Research Software Engineer

Research Software Engineer

Research Software Engineer

Research Scientist in Biomedical Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning

Senior Computational Scientist, Chemistry

Senior Computational Scientist, Materials

HPC Systems Scientist for Data Sciences

Computer Scientist, HPC and Al

Computer Scientist, Scalable Numerical Methods and Algorithms

HPC Systems Scientist for Data Sciences

Computational Scientist – Applied Machine Learning

Site Reliability Engineer

Research Scientist, Architectures

Hpc Linux Systems Engineer

DevOps Appication Administrator

HPC Systems Scientist

Distinguished Technical Staff Member, Computer Architect

Full Stack Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer, Application Engineering

Research Scientist in Machine Learning and Imaging

HPC Linux Systems Engineer

Linux System Engineer

HPC Storage Systems Engineer, Associate Technical Staff

HPC Storage Systems Engineer

Research Scientist in AI and Machine Learning

Senior Technical Professional, Cyber Resilience and Intelligence

HPC Cyber Security Engineer

Computational Scientist, Chemistry

Computational Scientist, Quantum Computing and Quantum Dynamics

Flow Network Modeling and Simulation Engineer

Computational Scientist – Hybrid Quantum/Classical Computing and Machine Learning

Group Leader, Quantum Communications and Networking

Group Leader, Quantum Computing and Sensing

Privacy Preserving Systems Scientist

Senior Privacy Preserving Systems Scientist