Our Chapters

We are currently welcoming new Chapter applications. See below for more details on how to form a Chapter and application details.

Current WHPC Chapters:

What is a WHPC Chapter?


A chapter is a community-level group that serves a specific area or organisation and fulfils the WHPC mission locally. Each chapter is responsible for its own fundraising efforts, programmes, relationships, volunteers and so on.

Chapters are formed by individuals or an organisation who want to support women and the vision of WHPC in their communities. Having identified regional needs and resources, they determined that their organisation or region would benefit from being a WHPC Chapter and setting up a local programme of activities aligned with local needs.

To date, we have WHPC Chapters in Europe, Asia, Australasia, and South and North America.

Becoming a Chapter

What to consider before becoming a WHPC Chapter

Starting your own WHPC Chapter is an exciting and rewarding experience but also a serious endeavour.  You will become a valued member of an internationally-renowned volunteer driven organisation, gaining access to a wide variety of resources, expertise and support from WHPC and other chapters around the world.

A few things to bear in mind before starting:

  • You must be passionate and committed to our mission.
  • Starting a Chapter requires a significant amount time and energy, something for which chapter founders must be prepared.
  • You must have the capabilities to carry out different elements of the start-up process including gathering a group of like-minded individuals together, gathering institutional support if the Chapter is within an organisation and talking with the women in your community to identify how you plan to start your activities.
  • As starting a new Chapter can sometimes be difficult and daunting you might want to consider setting up as a WHPC Affiliate first before proceeding to a full WHPC Chapter.

Benefits and Responsibilites

WHPC Chapters enjoy many advantages as part of our network yet also have a number of shared responsibilities.

All WHPC Chapters:

  • are separately organised groups of volunteers that have their own management team and raise their own funds. While some are sponsored by larger agencies, Chapters are independent of each other and from WHPC;
  • build your own local WHPC Chapter membership;
  • require your local WHPC Chapter members to be individual members of WHPC;
  • provide activities within your chapter that fulfil the mission of WHPC to recruit and retain a diverse and inclusive HPC workforce;
  • are members of WHPC and therefore must participate in the WHPC Chapters meetings and abide by the WHPC Terms of Reference and policies;
  • have the right to use the name “WHPC Chapter” and logo as approved by WHPC; and
  • may implement or participate in our programmes and campaigns.

The Application Process

Want to submit an application?

Apply using the form below.

The general process is as follows:

  • Check to see whether there is a Chapter in your organisation already. While we encourage chapters of different sizes to be formed within the same area (such as country-wide Chapter as well as local organisation chapters also covered by the coverage of the country-wide Chapter), we rarely authorise an application for a new chapter in overlapping regions if the groups are not in contact with each other first. This helps to ensure that activities are complimentary rather than competitive.
  • Prepare your chapter application by:
    a. Building the team that will run the Chapter (minimum of 2, ideally 5 individuals)
    b. Work with your community to identify appropriate goals and activities. We find that chapters perform best when those that you hope to assist are informed in designing the activities that you plan to hold. For example, you may wish to send out surveys or hold focus groups to find out the type of support the women in your community will find more useful.
  • WHPC will review the information you have provided determine if you should move to Chapter status. New application review windows occur three times a year.
  • Successful applicants will be asked to provide a logo and contact information to be shared on the WHPC website.
  • Chapters will be asked to provide periodic updates on their activities and to renew their membership periodically.


Does WHPC provide funding to Chapters?

No. Each chapter is separately responsible for funding their activities. If you do not have an organisation in place (such as a university or a company) that can hold your funds/fiscally sponsor your group, you may wish to incorporate as a non-profit. Therefore, each is expected to raise all of the monies necessary for its launch and operations. As part of the WHPC family, however, you will benefit from the strength of our global reputation and brand, which will be instrumental in your fundraising and publicity efforts.

How do I apply?

Make sure that everyone on your team is an individual member of WHPC by joining here:


Then apply for Chapter status by completing this form.