Jacky Pallas was a true pioneer in High Performance Computing in the UK.  She focused on what her friend and colleague, Dr. Jeremy Yates, referred to as the ‘Other,’ emphasising the outcome, health, safety, and wellbeing of the research and the researchers first and letting those needs guide the technical requirements.  Her persistent drive to continue to diversify the field of HPC and her ability to weave different groups together to produce brilliant research defined her career.  Thanks to Jacky, her methodology of understanding purpose before implementing  technology now defines many global HPC initiatives and has done much to propel groups like ourselves from a novel concept towards mainstream acceptance.

In 2019 the UK community suddenly lost Jacky, but her spirit and work lives on in part through the CIUK Jacky Pallas Award.  This award, which focuses on Early Career Research in the UK, was born of Jacky’s tireless efforts to recognise the next generation of HPC talent, and allow fresh ideas and concepts to permeate into our community.  Now in its fourth year, the award is open to nominations for early career researcher’s throughout the UK, who will have an opportunity to present their work during the conference as well as receive recognition for their achievements.

We are excited to be continuing Jacky’s drive for diversity by hosting our first networking breakfast at CIUK and we look forward to meeting the 2022 award winner.

If you know someone who is early into their research career in the UK, why not nominate them for this year’s award?

You can put forward your nomination here.

Deadline for nominations is October 28, 2022 Anywhere on Earth.

Nominees will be notified shortly thereafter.