The Alces Flight and Women in HPC (WHPC) Project – Move the Needle – is moving towards goal commitment time… here are some ideas on how you can help change HPC for the better.

Historically, January has been a time for goal setting. Whether personal or professional many people begin a new year aiming for an improvement in their lives and work. The biggest hurdle to achieving a goal, however, is accountability. This is what the Move the Needle project is all about in addressing the goal of inclusivity in HPC.

While this project is mainly based in equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility (EDIA) we have also chosen to include sustainability initiatives. This is because we’ve noted that introducing sustainability into the conversation naturally brings along a need to explore various areas, including hiring practices, ethics, and overall business continuity.

Throughout the month of January anyone working or studying in our field can pledge up to three goals or actions they wish to accomplish throughout 2024. To help you (or your team) get started we’ve put together a host of ideas – from simple shifts in daily activities up to creating whole programs… the size and scale is up to you.

Check out the complete idea document here: Move the Needle – Ideas List

An important thing to note with this project or any goal you are looking to set for 2024: Remember that when setting out on any path to improvement it is never all or nothing. Embracing your unique journey and granting yourself grace and perspective are key elements for achieving success. Why not join in the project and learn more? We’ve got lots of ideas to share.

Pledging has been extended to February 5, 2024 followed by a short confirmation period and alignment before the project starts. While the core focus of our plan revolves around check-in surveys, we are also organizing online sessions to assist individuals and teams who seek additional support in ensuring the progress of their goals and actions. Dates and times to be announced soon.

READY to pledge to our project? The initial survey is OPEN!