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Research Data Scientist/Research Software Engineer

The Alan Turing Institute is the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence whose mission is to make great leaps in data science and artificial intelligence research in order to change the world for the better.

Role Purpose
The Institute’s Research Engineering Group work to realise cutting edge research as professionally usable software tools and to apply these to address real-world data science and modelling challenges.

The Group consists of research software engineers and research data scientists. We note the considerable overlap between these emerging roles and embrace the breadth of interdisciplinary skills and diversity of approaches entailed in these fields. Staff can choose either job title and change their choice as their career progresses.

In contrast to traditional research careers, we are committed expert collaborators, who join research teams to further the Institute’s challenges. We collaborate with scholars across the Institute’s research community to enhance the applicability of research for particular problems. We work with clients in industry, government and the third sector to turn their data challenges into research questions. We value expertise across many domains, with current members of the Group having backgrounds in psychology, mathematics, digital humanities and other areas.

We create software that implements research and use it to analyse client data in a readable, reliable and reproducible fashion. We present conclusions of research and analysis to the research community and clients through presentations, research papers, blog posts, interactive data visualisations and open-source software packages. We work with state-of-the-art, high performance computing and cloud platforms to realise collaborators’ data science and artificial intelligence research at scale.


The Research Engineering Group is a learning team, and actively encourages its members to develop their skills so that they can apply new techniques and approaches across their projects. A commitment to developing new expertise is therefore very desirable to us. In addition to the technical skills you already have, we will look for evidence of a commitment to learn by looking at new skills you have developed in previous roles, and your interest and plans for acquiring future skillsets.

We note that not all skills useful to us will fall into the categories of data science and software engineering. Experience in teaching and training, building open-source communities, scientific computing, knowledge of public cloud or high-performance computing platforms, or other areas, are also very welcome. If you feel that your skillset and experience would support the Group’s activities, we strongly encourage you to apply. We welcome any informal inquiries in regards to this.

Further information
Please see our portal for a full breakdown of the job description and duties/responsibilities:

You can find more details about the Research Engineering Group here:

Please check the following twitter thread to get a better feel of who we are, what we do and how it feels to be part of the team: