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Closes: 9 July 2022
  • July 9, 2022
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher on Distributed load balancing for finite element simulations using a task-based programming model

    We are searching for a young researcher to work together with us for two years as a postdoc in the context of our associate team between Inria Bordeaux (France) and Simula (Norway).

    The objective of this postdoc position is to extend the fully distributed execution model of StarPU with the appropriate logic to take charge of the distributed load balancing work on behalf of applications in general and the FEniCS programming environment in particular, that is, to trigger data redistribution actions to ensure a balanced workload.

    Since a piece of data may be referred to from multiple tasks and a task may refer to multiple pieces of data, the main challenge is to capture the potentially complex relationship between the data distribution and the resulting work distribution in terms of tasks.

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