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COMPSs runtime engineer – ICOS project (RE1) [433_23_CS_WDC_RE1]

Context And Mission

The Computer Sciences (CS) department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center aims at carrying out research and development to influence the way computing machines are built, programmed and used. The Workflows and Distributed Computing (WDC) group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center aims at carrying out research on programming models for distributed computing.
More specifically the group will be contributing to the ICOS project which aims at covering the set of challenges coming up when addressing the computing continuum, proposing an approach embedding a well-defined set of functionalities, ending up in the definition of an IoT2cloud Operating System (ICOS). The WDC group contributes to the project with the agent-based version of the COMPSs programming model, already designed with such an underlying infrastructure in mind.
COMPSs is a task-based, parallel programming model offered to applications leveraging ICOS as a mean to automatically distribute their execution. The WDC contribution in the project will focus on the integration of COMPSs with the monitoring system and the dynamic resource management of the ICOS middleware, improving the detection and management of nested tasks within COMPSs and on performing an efficient resource and workload management in such a complex infrastructure.
For this research, the group is looking for an engineer to design and implement the required extensions to the runtime of the COMPSs runtime. The required expertise includes containers and kubernetes, parallel programming. Additional expertise that will be valued includes distributed computing, scheduling for task-based environments in distributed systems
The job includes also active participation in the projects, attending project meetings, collaborating with partners and writing deliverables.


Key Duties

Development of extensions to the COMPSs runtime to support its integration in the ICOS platform and improving its performance and resource management
Development of tests to check the extensions with the COMPSs test infrastructure
Contribution to COMPSs documentation that illustrates how to use the newly developed features
The candidate will work closely with other research members on the team of the Workflows and Distributed Computing group
Contribution of the candidate to the ICOS project, including contribution to project deliverables



Computer science degree or similar, or a student finalizing the studies

Essential Knowledge and Professional Experience
Knowledge in containers and kubernetes
Parallel programming
Good programming skills in Java and C, and/or Python

Additional Knowledge and Professional Experience
Previous experience in PyCOMPSS/COMPSs and its runtime or in similar task-based environments
Knowledge in distributed computing

Fluency in spoken and written English, while fluency in other European languages will be also valued