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Closes: 16 March 2024
  • March 16, 2024
  • Senior technical leader – co-design activities around RISC-V (CS & App.Dept) (RE2-3)

    Context And Mission

    The Laboratory of Open Computer Architecture (LOCA) at Barcelona Supercomputing Center aims to break through traditional disciplinary silos and lead the research and development of European open software and hardware stacks based on the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture for Exascale and beyond. This will be done with BSC’s scientific departments to produce highly optimized grand challenge scientific applications in climate modelling, personalized medicine and energy. LOCA spans topics ranging from Computer Architecture to System Software to Applications, in both traditional HPC and emerging High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) and is working towards EU autonomy in HPC technologies. BSC is looking for a co-design expert in open software to contribute to this aim.

    This is being done with the support of BSC’s Severo Ochoa award for the 2023-26 period, which aims to boost BSC capacities to codesign hardware and software, maximise internal and external synergies, expand international leadership, provide best-practice career development with strong gender actions, and enhance societal engagement and technology transfer. (

    Main goal:
    Apply domain expertise and support to the application departments focused on the identification and exploitation of tools, mechanisms that can help on the characterization, optimization, and co-design of HPC applications in collaboration with experts on domain-specific scientific applications (Life, Earth, Applied Engineering) and open hardware architectures.

    Key Duties

    • Identify tools, methodologies, workflows, etc. of interest for Computer Science research department that can benefit from other groups/departments’ support.
    • Help to characterize the core applications for Life, Earth and CASE departments by using the resources available at BSC and contribute to the definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for improving their performance.
    • Work to optimize domain applications for BSC-designed RISC-V HPC processors in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team and contribute to enhancing the full HPC stack.
    • Identify potential co-design activities being performed within multiple projects in the relevant application department, track the work, inform on relevant aspects, promote synergies and exchange of best practices.
    • Co-organize sessions to disseminate the knowledge, progress, and projects of the Severo Ochoa, in the shape of workshops and/or seminars.




    • Post-doc or experienced engineer
    • PhD in Computer Architecture/Electronic/Telecommunication Engineering (or equivalent)
    • MSc in Computer Architecture (or similar)

    Essential Knowledge and Professional Experience

    • Engage in HW/SW co-design with other members of the group/project
    • Mix of technical and soft skills
    • Experience in HPC.
    • Knowledge and experience of programming (with C, C++)
    • Experience in Software optimization/parallelization techniques for HPC
    • Write papers and scientific documents

    Additional Knowledge and Professional Experience

    • HPC application engineering, including the understanding of actual scientific HPC applications (usually written in C/C++ and Fortran), and the development of modifications/extensions that may improve their performance.
    • HPC analysis, including the performance analysis of HPC applications, as well as the development of new tools (e.g., Extrae/Paraver) and benchmarks that may help to characterize the system behavior.
    • Parallel libraries and runtimes, including the development of new features and extensions in parallel library/runtime’s systems for HPC programming models (e.g., MPI, OpenMP, SyCL)
    • Experience in technical management/coordination.
    • Fluency in English and Spanish


    • Good communication skills (verbal and written), and ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to non-experts.
    • Good organization skills, and ability to work under pressure.
    • Proactive and able to take the initiative when needed.
    • Interpersonal skills: the candidate will be working in close collaboration with all the different groups and departments.
    • Creative thinking.
    • Operate independently but love being part of a collaborative team.


    The position will be located at BSC within the Computer Sciences Department
    We offer a full-time contract (37.5h/week), a good working environment, a highly stimulating environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure, flexible working hours, extensive training plan, restaurant tickets, private health insurance, support to the relocation procedures
    Duration: Open-ended contract due to technical and scientific activities linked to the project and budget duration
    Holidays: 23 paid vacation days plus 24th and 31st of December per our collective agreement
    Salary: we offer a competitive salary commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the candidate and according to the cost of living in Barcelona
    Starting date: inmediate