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Post-master’s or Postdoctoral researcher

My group is seeking a post-master’s or postdoctoral researcher for an NSF-funded project focused on analyzing and modeling nondeterminism in large-scale applications. This project aims to address the challenges of nondeterminism in High-Performance Computing (HPC) by modeling nondeterministic executions and evaluating their impact on debugging and reproducibility.

The ideal candidate should possess the following skills:
– Expertise in High Performance Computing (HPC): Knowledge of HPC applications, concurrency, and issues from asynchronous executions.
– MPI Programming and Software Development: Proficiency in MPI programming, suitable for HPC environments and developing tools or libraries.
– Graph Theory and Algorithms: Skills in applying graph theory to model nondeterministic executions and identify patterns in complex data structures.
– Performance Analysis: Ability to analyze and optimize HPC application performance, including understanding performance and power analysis layers.
– Mathematical and Statistical Modeling: Capability to model the relationship between application nondeterminism and tool overhead, developing metrics for execution evaluation and comparison.
– Collaboration and Communication: Strong skills in collaboration within multidisciplinary teams and effective communication for documenting and presenting research findings.

Salary ranges from $65K to $90K, depending on previous experience and skills.

Michela Taufer
Dongarra Professor in High Performance Computing
Global Computing Laboratory (GCLab)
The University of Tennessee
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept.
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