Full Time

Become part of an innovative team managing one of Europe’s leading supercomputers, MeluXina, at the forefront of High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence. We are looking for someone with a strong background in HPC and software development who is passionate about solving complex problems and eager to grow in a fast-paced, innovative setting. In this role, you will deploy system-optimized software stacks, optimize and port applications, and support user’s most challenging demands.


Your role

Software stacks

Deploy state-of-the-art software on MeluXina, including compilers, HPC libraries, and end-user applications for a wide range of computational areas.
Manage diverse software stacks, catering to global needs or tailored for individual user requirements.
Test new HPC and AI software for functionality and performance, ensuring our services deliver the highest quality.
Develop tools for both our team and users to streamline management of software environments, and enhance user experience.
Optimize, scale, port and develop applications and workflows, continuously improving them to leverage MeluXina’s capabilities.


Customer engagement

Provide expert assistance to customers, solving intricate challenges in utilizing and adapting workflows and applications on our platforms.
Evaluate national and European projects, ensuring an optimal use of MeluXina for breakthroughs in science and innovation.
Educate and train users in effective HPC platform utilization, enhancing their computational expertise and contributing to national and broader initiatives.


Your Profile

Master or PhD degree in Computer Science or a computational science field
Proven experience (4+ years) in scalable code development, porting and optimization
Excellent grasp of HPC hardware and system architecture
Excellent grasp of HPC software and middleware
Hands-on experience in developing, accelerating and scaling software that takes advantage of HPC platforms
Hands-on experience in managing complex HPC software stacks, ideally 2+ years in an operations team of a supercomputing center


What’s in it for You?

Top-Notch Rewards: Not just a competitive salary, but a package that cheers your growth and well-being.
Be at the Forefront: Dive into a world where innovation meets impact. You’re not just joining a team; you’re becoming a pioneer.
Tech Adventure Awaits: Embrace the thrill of cutting-edge technologies, in a squad of passionate and vibrant tech enthusiasts.
Creative Freedom: Your space to innovate, lead, and shine. We’re not just offering a job; we’re opening doors to a journey of growth and creativity.
All The Regular Cool Stuff (Pizzas, babyfoot and co)
Learning & Development opportunities: we invest in our people and are committed to providing individual development opportunities to help you continue to grow.


Joining Our Team: The Journey

Step Into Our World: Start with an online or on-site interview, where we dive into your skills through a hands-on/technical assessment. It’s not just an evaluation – it’s a peek into the exciting challenges you’ll tackle here! We want to understand how you can contribute significantly to our team.
Meet the People Behind the Innovation: After successfully completing the interview with the Manager of the team, you will have an HR interview either online or in our dynamic workspace. It’s a chance for us to get to know each other and for you to see what makes LuxProvide a special place to grow.