Women in HPC hosts 2nd Annual CIUK Breakfast

This year’s event featured a history of women in engineering and insights from CIUK’s Keynote Speaker, as well as contributions from senior female leaders and allies throughout the UK and Europe.

While train strikes hampered some attendance, the spirit of this year’s WHPC CIUK’23 Breakfast remained as high as ever.  Thanks to the support of the UKRI STFC and Alces Flight the UK and attending EMEA Chapters and Affiliates of WHPC had an opportunity to gather in Manchester to talk all things HPC over breakfast.

Teresa Schofield, CIUK 2023 WHPC Distinguished Speaker

Our distinguished speaker this year was Teresa Schofield, who walked us through the highs and lows of being an engineer in semiconductors.  While readily admitting to not ‘being in the thick’ of HPC her words rang true to attendees about the advances being made, and lessons learned along the way, for workforce inclusion.  Teresa balanced unvarnished truths alongside her hopes for the future as she noted that HPC, just like engineering, is a field that requires deep investment in order for assured success.  In her close, she noted the pride she has taken from sticking with the good and bad – and how resiliency has paid off for her, her friends, and her colleagues both in technical accomplishments and in their careers.

The second half of our breakfast was dedicated to the rotating audience panel, called the Lyceum.  Kicked off by Melyssa Fratkin of TACC, Rosemary Francis of Altair, and Emma Barnes of University of York, the format allowed those who wished to take the stage, or join from the audience, an opportunity to talk shop around everything from mentorship to debating whether or not having a PhD is helpful or harmful in where you want your career journey to take you.

The finale of this year’s breakfast was the announcement of ‘Move the Needle’ – a project aimed at tracking goals for workforce inclusion.  Pledges for 2024 are being taken now, with much more to follow.  Global participation is encouraged!

UKRI STFC recorded the event and once the editing is complete we will update this post with the full event!  Special thanks to our hosting and organising volunteers: Georgina Ellis of Logicalis, Cristin Merritt and Wil Mayers of Alces Flight.  We want to extend our gratitude to the Chapters, Affiliates, Members, Friends and Allies who joined us in Manchester – see you in 2024.