Women in HPC announces ISC24 Travel Fellowships – Part of the WHPC Poster Series

The Executive Committee and Volunteers for ISC24 are pleased to announce the launch of our Travel Fellowships!  Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, and our Champions, Do IT Now, we are once again able to offer two travel fellowships to ISC 2024 taking place in Hamburg, Germany, from May 12 – 16, 2024.

The Travel Fellowships are part of our WHPC Poster Series – our first ever full collaboration with ISC – and will be awarded to two of our authors.  The fellowship will be for £3,000 (approximately €3,500) of reimbursable travel.  To apply, authors must first submit their poster abstract and CV, along with a representative poster draft, to the WHPC Poster Series on or before January 22, 2024 [1].  Successful applicants to our poster session will then be invited to apply for the Travel Fellowships using a simple submission form.

Want to meet our 2023 Travel Fellows?  We have highlighted our “fab four” in two posts so you can learn more.  Simply select ISC23 and/or SC23 to learn about these incredible people.

We are deeply grateful to Do IT Now and our supporters for ensuring that our Travel Fellowships can continue into the new year and we look forward to seeing our fellows and our successful authors in Hamburg.

About WHPC Champion, Do IT Now

The Do IT Now Alliance has been founded to deliver a higher level of High-Performance Computing services. We are market leaders and offer the best solutions to our clients. We share a passion and enthusiasm for facing new challenges of HPC technologies together. Do IT Now deals with the complexity of HPC providing simple solutions to scientists and engineers.

The added value we offer is a deep understanding of the most advanced technologies in HPC, along with high quality customer and user support. We offer solutions for different IT sectors like Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing or storage.


[1] Deadline extended from January 12, 2024 to January 22, 2024! Submissions to our poster series do not have to be in final format, however, they must be a good representation of your overall work.  For further details, please click the submission site link above.