Do IT Now returns as the 2024/2025 WHPC Champion

Bicester, Thursday 13th May, 2024 – Do IT Now proudly announces its continued partnership with Women in HPC (WHPC) as 2024/2025 WHPC Champion. This extended collaboration underscores Do IT Now’s commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion within the High-Performance Computing (HPC) community.

Pere Puigdomènech, CEO of Do IT Now, emphasised the significance of this partnership, stating: “We are thrilled to extend our alliance with Women in HPC, amplifying the voices of women and minority groups in our community. At Do IT Now, we are dedicated to creating equal opportunities for all individuals, and this partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to cultivate a diverse workforce”.

… “Our partnership with WHPC signifies our unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive environment within the HPC sphere.”  – Paolo Cappuccio, CMO at Do IT Now

Paolo Cappuccio, CMO at Do IT Now, highlighted the company’s dedication to social responsibility and diversity in the HPC community, stating: “In an era where corporate responsibility is paramount, our partnership with WHPC signifies our unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive environment within the HPC sphere. By championing the voices of women and minority groups, we are not only advancing diversity but also driving innovation and excellence in our industry”.

Elisabeth Ortega, R&D Manager of Do IT Now, points out the importance of this partnership and what it will mean to the Women in HPC community: “It stands in harmony with our values. A more diverse company translates to a more diverse knowledge base, which aligns perfectly with our vision. Initiatives like championing WHPC enrich not only our company, but also the entire HPC community”.

Thanks to the generous contribution of Do IT Now, WHPC is able to continue to empower the next generation of HPC professionals through the WHPC Travel Fellowship program. Two exceptional women were selected for the ISC24 fellowship, showcasing the outstanding talent emerging within the supercoming realm, and two more will be selected for the forthcoming SC24 conference in Atlanta, GA. These individuals will have the opportunity to present their innovative work at the respective conferences, furthering the reach and impact of WHPC’s initiatives.

About Do IT Now

The Do IT Now Alliance ( has been founded to deliver a higher level of High-Performance Computing services. We are market leaders and offer the best solutions to our clients. We share a passion and enthusiasm for facing new challenges of HPC technologies together. Do IT Now deals with the complexity of HPC providing simple solutions to scientists and engineers.

The added value we offer is a deep understanding of the most advanced technologies in HPC, along with high quality customer and user support. We offer solutions for different IT sectors like Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing or storage.