Addison Snell’s Commitment to Inclusivity and Opportunity in HPC: The Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition

Cristin Merritt, CMO of Alces Flight, spoke with Addison Snell, a veteran of the High Performance Computing industry and the co-founder and CEO of Intersect360 Research about his commitment to the Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition. This is Part Two of a two part series!  To read our Part One interview with Dan Olds, click here.

Interview by Cristin Merritt, CMO of Alces Flight with editorial support by Dominik Wojtak

Equal Opportunities in the Virtual Realm:

The Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition, hosted by Intersect360 Research, is a groundbreaking project that Addison Snell is proud to champion. With a focus on equal opportunities, Addison highlights the importance of providing a level playing field for diverse groups within the tech community. This interview explores the Black Lives Matter movement that provided the catalyst for transforming an idea into a purpose, the crucial role of the mentor in developing the students who participate, and how the Winter Classic is working hard to open the doors of opportunity for all that participate.

Watch the full interview!

You can now watch the full interview and get all the insight from Addison about his passion for providing students from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to become part of the HPC industry.

The 2024 Winter Classic Competition:

You can follow the competition’s progress, watch videos featuring participating students, and witness firsthand how they navigate the challenges presented at the Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition website. The competition serves as a platform for students to showcase their skills, creativity, and determination in the realm of High Performance Computing.

Move the Needle Project

Furthering the cause of diversity and inclusivity in HPC, the ‘Move the Needle’ project  by Women in HPC and Alces Flight is all about tracking actions people and teams are taking to drive positive change. Beginning in January 2024, individuals in the HPC field can commit to one to three actions to ‘move the needle’ toward greater inclusion.