“Women, now more than ever, are essential drivers of advanced civilizations and economies. Women should also have a role contributing to the future of HPC.”



Our new series showcases the WHPC Mentorship program mentors. Our hope is that by highlighting these trailblazers—and the sometimes unique paths they followed into the field—other women will feel inspired to envision themselves in similar roles.

Today we talk with Valery Herrington, CXO and Company Founder at Herrington Technlogy in Manhattan, NY.


Why did you choose a career in HPC?


I have always enjoyed programming and computers since my early school years. Performance tuning and high-performance computing were a natural “next’ for me and I enjoy the complexity and challenges of both.


What excites you about the future of HPC?


Oh, so many things are possible in the future with HPC. The potential advancements for humanity in many areas are so significant and important. It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of the HPC community and on the very leading edge of one of the fastest areas of industry that can be a real catalyst for so many human advancements.


What did you study? How did you begin your HPC Career?


I hold degrees in Economics, German, and Computer Science, a leading 2014 Executive MBA Degree from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (specialized focus in technology for business and healthcare). I achieved acceptance and enrollment at Harvard Business Online Programs, participation in several Columbia University Master Classes, and a Ph.D. student studying for a recently transformed Ph.D. in Quantum Computing.

I took mainstream courses in computing, worked with computers early on and continued to pursue more challenging work in career advancement.


What are the top three things you would advise to women considering a career in HPC?


  • Review all your options and Go for it!*
  • Select the best HPC area for your interests and objectives
  • Seek new and engaging work in the field as it continues to advance

*Go for it! If you enjoy it and want to work in the field there are many options today for women interested in engaging in HPC. Seek out the best HPC options that suit your career, desired work, and career objectives.


What is your most proud accomplishment in the sector to date?


Being able to participate in groups like this one that supports, inspire and advance HPC industry contributions with women professionals.