Mariann Hardey is a Digital Culture, Technology, and Business Professor at the Durham University Business School. She is also a member of Advanced Research Computing (ARC) at the University of Durham, where her role promotes inclusiveness and participation in computing. Mariann advocates for self-improvement in education, focusing on representation among business leaders and technology practitioners. Her work has been featured in international media, and she has given numerous presentations at international conferences and events, including the first TEDx event in the United Kingdom. Mariann’s two most recent books are The Culture of Women in Technology: An Unsuitable Job for a Woman and Household Self-Tracking in a Global Health Crisis. Both have been recognised by technical organisations and the academy. The Culture of Women in Tech is included in the Master Class curriculum of the UK Government Digital Service to promote employment reform and diversity. Her upcoming book, WFH: Women Freedom and the Hidden Cost of Working From Home, explores the boundaries of women’s digital work outside of traditional settings and asks if it is possible to achieve a genuinely flexible and inclusive way of working.

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