8th International WHPC Workshop at ISC18 Workshop: Diversifying the HPC Community

Diversifying the HPC Community

The eighth international Women in HPC workshop will be held at ISC18, Frankfurt, Germany. This workshop provides leaders and managers in the HPC community with methods to improve diversity and also to provide early career women with an opportunity to develop their professional skills and profile. Following the overwhelming success of the 2017 WHPC workshops we will once again discuss methods and steps that can be taken to address the under-representation of women, in particular by discussing the following topics:

  • How to build workplace resilience and maintain well-being, while managing work stress.
  • Being part of the solution: instructions for advocates and allies.
  • Best practices from organizations on improving workplace diversity.
  • Managing the two body problem and achieving effective work-life balance.

We will also provide opportunities aimed at promoting and providing women with the skills to thrive in HPC including:

  • Short talks by women working in HPC
  • Pointers on how to handle workplace conflicts and effectively respond to discrimination
  • Short talks on: best practices from equity frameworks from outside HPC, suggestions and challenges for women in HPC related venture capitals, effectively dealing with workplace discrimination, building a successful career, excelling in the workforce, etc.

Sponsors, organisers and supporters

If you would like to support the work of WHPC we are currently seeking supporters for the WHPC workshop at ISC18. Please get in touch to find out the benefits of getting involved.

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