9th International WHPC Workshop at SC18 Workshop: Diversifying the HPC Community

Sunday 11 November 2018, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Central Time
Room D220, Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre,
Dallas, Texas, USA


The ninth international Women in HPC workshop will take place at SC18, Dallas, USA. Once again Women in HPC, our advocates, allies, supporters, and anyone interested in improving diversity across the HPC community is welcome to join us to discuss the challenges the community faces and how to improve the opportunities provided to women. Previous Women in HPC workshops at SC were great successes, with over 90 attendees in the past two workshops, receiving 32 and 21 posters from early-mid career women, respectively.

The workshop will provide activities of interest to three particular groups:

  • Those responsible for hiring and recruiting staff that are interested in increasing diversity and retention of underrepresented groups in their organisation;
  • Early and mid career women working in HPC who wish to improve their career opportunities;
  • Diversity allies: those wishing to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture who want to learn and share tips and methods for bringing about cultural change.

This year, we will have a plenary talk from organizations outside HPC who will showcase their experience of improving workplace diversity and suggest best practices for doing so.  Following this will be a panel discussion about the opportunities and methods to have an inclusive workplace environment. The workshop will encourage participation from the audience to increase the number of ideas generated. Finally we will be providing the opportunity for audience participation with breakout sessions to further discuss the issues raised. We would like to invite people from all aspects of the community to engage in this discussion, irrespective of career stage or workplace type, to fully explore the opportunities for disseminating best practices to the wider community.

Following the positive feedback from our SC17 workshop, the day will include presentations from early career women showcasing their HPC work in a lightning talks session, networking, and the opportunity to meet mentors and peers. We will include talks that will provide instructions for advocates and allies with strategies for improving workplace diversity, and becoming a part of the solution. We will also include a series of short talks on career focused topics, including: building and maintaining workplace resilience, best practices from organizations on improving workplace diversity, working out the two-body problem, and challenges and opportunities for women in entrepreneurship/venture capital. This will provide the attendees with tools on becoming a better leader in the workforce, effectively dealing with challenges at work, and managing work-life balance.

We welcome participation from everyone in the HPC community to discuss the most appropriate and beneficial actions that can be taken to address the gender imbalance in HPC and the strategies that could be adopted to achieve these goals. Our career development activities are beneficial to all and anyone interested in shaping their career is encouraged to participate.

*Call for Contributions* Closing date: Wednesday 15 August 2018

As part of the workshop we invite submissions from women to present their HPC work to the HPC community as a short talk. There will be the opportunity to meet with leading employers from across the HPC community and discuss your work with them. After submission, presenters will be provided with a mentor to aid in the preparation of their talk before the workshop. Submissions are invited as short abstracts (max 300 words) in any area that utilises high performance computing. Successful authors will be asked to provide a copy-ready version of their slides and an extended version of their abstract by November 1st 2018.

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