SC 2016 Workshop: Diversifying the HPC Community

Sunday 13 November 2016, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm MTZ
Salt Palace Convention Centre



The fifth international Women in HPC workshop will take place at SC16, Salt Lake City, USA. The workshop will address the under-representation of women in the HPC community by discussing and addressing the challenges faced by women and how to improve the opportunities provided to women.

The workshop will provide activities of interest to two particular groups

      Those responsible for hiring and recruiting staff that are interested in increasing diversity and retention of under-represented groups in their organisation

      Early and mid career women working in HPC who wish to improve their career opportunities.

 We invite anyone interested in improving diversity in the community to attend.

Activities will include a keynote address and panel discussions on strategies that have been implemented to increase diversity. The workshop will encourage participation from the audience to increase ideas generation by following the panel with breakout sessions to further discuss the issues raised. We would like to invite people from all aspects of the community to engage in this discussion, irrespective of career stage or workplace type to fully explore the opportunities for disseminating best practices to the wider community.

The day will conclude with opportunities for early career women to showcase their HPC work in a poster session, networking, the opportunity to meet mentors and peers, and  a coaching session led by certified executive coach, Trish Damkroger (LLNL), to provide the attendees with tools on becoming a better leader in the workforce.

We welcome participation from everyone in the HPC community to discuss the most appropriate and beneficial actions that can be taken to address the gender imbalance in HPC and the strategies that could be adopted to achieve these goals.