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WHPC Poster Reception Attendees

Women in HPC to host ISC’22 Re-Cap Webinar

Women in HPC to host ISC’22 Re-Cap Webinar on July 12th Following on from our successful return to in-person events at ISC’22, Women in HPC (WHPC) will be hosting a one-hour webinar with speakers from our June 2nd workshop in Hamburg, Germany.  Thanks to the positive response from attendees and those who followed along via…


WHPC ISC 22 Workshop Attendees

WHPC heads to ISC22

WHPC returns to international in-person events at ISC22 in Hamburg, Germany Members, allies and friends gathered together for the 13th Annual WHPC Workshop at ISC, as well as celebrated Early Career Research in HPC and the return of Diversity Day. Sorry to interrupt this blog but we have great news!  We’re hosting a webinar covering…


How cloud computing is democratizing HPC for women

It’s the advent of a new age in ‘parallel supercomputing’.   Meet Amy Apon, Professor and C. Tycho Howle Director of the School of Computing at Clemson University. At Clemson, Apon supervised a large-scale pilot to explore how HPC in the commercial cloud can be utilized in emergency situations to process large amounts of data…


SCinet at SC’18: Inspirations and Experiences of a Volunteer

Tuesday Keynote at SC’18 in Dallas: It is the welcome session for every attendee and SC’18 General Chair Ralph McEldowney is on stage. He talks about passion in this inspired research field. His general message is to be successful and happy in what you are doing, you need passion. Ralph has been a volunteer since…


Women-in-HPC workshop an outstanding success

A guest post by: Gail W. Pieper, Argonne National Lab First published on November 12, 2018 at here Women are playing an ever-increasing role in high-performance computing (HPC). And the Women-in-HPC workshop, held at SC18 in November, paid tribute to this role – highlighting both the remarkable accomplishments achieved and the challenges remaining to thrive in…


My Experience as a Women in HPC

A guest post by: Samar Aseeri First published on Dec, 1st 2018. The Hidden Figures movie has been a timely film for me. Watching it in Minneapolis, Minnesota last year during my visit to my Ph.D. sister at UMN I realized that I had been encountering the same issues these black women were facing. It seems…


Women-in-HPC Workshop @ SC18

A guest post by: Misbah Mubarak First published on November 12, 2018 at Linkedin This year’s women-in-HPC workshop focused to address important issues to improve workplace inclusivity, building resilience and maintaining well-being at work. The workshop started with an inspirational keynote talk by Dr. Ruby Mendenhall on using big data analytic techniques to recover the…


The Texas chapter of Women in HPC: There never has been a better time!

A guest post by: Texas Women in HPC First published on 23rd November 2018 The Texas chapter of Women in HPC held a very successful inaugural seminar in Austin, attended by more than 50 people. The event was hosted by Intel Corporation, which has a strong presence in Austin and is a committed supporter of diversity and inclusion. “We…


Career Next Steps

By: Elsa Gonsiorowski, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Mentoring Chair for the SC17 Women in HPC Workshop. This post was first published on http://www.gonsie.com/blorg.   This is a talk I gave at the Women in HPC workshop at the 2017 Supercomputing Conference in Denver, CO. Specific points in this talk are geared towards those who are…


Reflections from WHPC @ SC17

By: Elsa Gonsiorowski, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Mentoring Chair for the SC17 Women in HPC Workshop I was asked to do a short write up my experiences at SC17 for my group’s internal newsletter. I found myself writing extensively about my experience at the Women in HPC workshop and I’ve decided to share. This…